Gone Away

January 13, 2009


My new favorite song is by a young chanteuse out of LA named Lucy Schwartz .
Her music and lyrics resonate with the empty places inside of me. The places usually filled by watching the funny cat antics of my beloved Boppho, may he be resting in peace with organic catnip, a window to watch the birds through and lots of dog noses to swat.

Just click on the link and it will take you to her myspace page where you can listen to her new single “Gone Away.” I keep playing it over and over and over, just letting it run through me. It unleashes my tears and gives me permission to feel my sadness, my grief and aloneness now that so much has “Gone Away.”


3 Responses to “Gone Away”

  1. I received a google alert for the word Goneaway. My new novel, just published in September is called GoneAway.
    I would love you look at the link below and comment on the interview I just did with a popular book blog. It may be that I can post the song on my website and the artist can promote the book through her web site or your blog. The novel is fascinating story of a twlve yoes old boy who traverses the fine line between life and death taking the reader on a fantastic journey of self discovery. The reviews posted on my website say it better than even I can and I wrote the novel. Below is the link to the interview

    Interview with Jeffrey B. Allen

    Thank you,

    I can’t wait to hear the song.

    Jeffrey B Allen

    • Bijou Says:


      I promise to read your link if you do me a favor and look over my blog. I too am a writer and seem to be using the blog to reach out further then just simple “I did this today” entries. Would love some feedback as well; I keep trying to figure out where these entries are taking me. Perhaps you can help.

      Most sincerely,


      P.S. The song is gorgeous and if they ever make a movie of your book you should definitely use it as well as connect to the artist via myspace and see if you can do some cross-promotion.

  2. Your Blog is wonderful. I will stay in touch.

    Tanks for turning me on to the song. I wrote to Lucy Schwartz on My Space.


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