December 25, 2008

Bijou In Retrospect

Born: Cleveland, Ohio on September 18th; raised in Willoughby, Ohio where I quickly learned that being an only child is very lonely especially on holidays and during summer vacations.  College in St. Paul then dropped out to become a marriage license clerk in a probate court.  Back to college for second year then dropped out again to move to Washington, D.C. where I soon learned that the love of your life often isn’t. 

Stayed in D.C. too long (couldn’t stand the heat, literally) where I finished college, went to grad school and worked in film and television.  Moved out to Portland, Oregon when Portland wasn’t yet Portland and have watched it grow into heavy duty hippersterville.  I think I’m too old to be a hipster but then again, I see aging hipsters every day so maybe not. 

Loved and married an Irish/Englishman with rich, red hair and a pedigree reaching far back into British banking history and tobacco and Tuxedo Park, NY.  He makes chairs and I sell houses and we live in a ranch house built the year I was born.  Our family contains two dogs and a cat, three computers, one television, two cars, a shop in the backyard and lots of shoes.  All mine. 

Still waiting for my life to begin which is a sad commentary given that I’m well into middle age.  Won’t something happen soon to pull me out of myself and into the world?  Frustrated artist, writer, director, filmmaker.  Maybe just frustrated. 

Favorite quote: What if the hokey-pokey IS what it’s all about?